• Everything you can
    imagine is real

    - Pablo Picasso -

  • Without deviation
    from the norm
    progress is
    not possible

    - Frank Zappa -

  • Life isn’t about
    finding yourself
    life is about
    creating yourself

    - George Bernard Shaw -

  • Whether you think
    you can or
    you can’t
    you’re right

    - Henry Ford -

  • As you think so shall
    you become

    - Bruce Lee -

  • When you find an
    idea that you just
    can't stop thinking
    about that's probably
    a good one to pursue

    - Joes James -

  • The first step to
    getting anywhere is
    deciding you're no
    no longer willing to
    stay where you are

  • You only live once
    but if you do it right
    once is enough

    - Mae  West -

  • You should set goals
    beyond your reach
    so you always have
    something to live for

    - Ted Turner -

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